I Hate Everything (dir. Jesus Garcia, Independent, 2016)


Comedy about a dysfunctional Mexican family.

Shot on location in Los Angeles in a fairground, private houses and streets. Helped in the rigging of the RED camera and in lighting complex set-ups including for a port-a-loo, ferris wheel and driving shots. Largest and most professional shoot, independent of university.

The Hostage (dir. Bryce Paul & Joshua D.W. Smith, 2016, UCSB)

Script Supervisor and Runner

Comedy about two incompetent kidnappers.

Conducted script supervision/continuity logs and

assisted on set lighting and setting up for green

screen. Gained invaluable experience on night

shoots and faking driving scenes.



Sawyer's Studio (dir. Ted Horning & Stefan Le, 2016, UCSB)

First Assistant Camera & Runner

About a troubled photographer lost in the wilderness, attempting to capture the ‘perfect photograph’.

Tasks included focus pulling, slating, mounting the camera onto tripod, slider, jib, & shoulder rigs; lens changes & cleaning; lighting; using a 5 in 1, LEDs, fresnels, diffusion, coloured gels; both in forest locations & within sound stage.


Fucked (dir. Pablo Riesgo, UCSB, 2016)

Associate Producer, Actor & Runner

Black comedy and part of the UC Santa Barbara 42 Hour Film Festival Challenge (the film was fully written, shot, & edited within 42 hours).

Acted the sardonic best friend, helped flesh out and write the idea, and generally assisted on set from lighting to script supervision.


Short Film

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