Helena is a graduate of Film Studies and English Literature from Trinity College, Dublin with a year's experience of filmmaking at the University of California, Santa Barbara from 2015-16.

Her interests are mainly in Film and TV drama and documentary with a political or humanitarian point, in a bid to use film as an instrument of change.

With a wide range of experience in positions such as director, producer, camera operator, assistant camera, focus puller, script supervisor, grip, production assistant and editor, Helena has become a well rounded crew member, driven to direct and produce.


Off set, Helena has multi-faceted experience of the film industry from the agency side at 42 Management & Production, to development and pre-production at Working Title, Ecosse Films and Zinc Media. She has a good understanding of television production from TV Santa Barbara, and post-production and distribution with Premiere Productions/UKFTV, through the release of Academy Award & BAFTA winner Peter Fudakowski's directorial debut feature film, Secret Sharer in 2014.


Helena endeavours to be an asset to any project and maintains hard work and enthusiasm throughout. Please do contact her if you wish to collaborate.

About Helena

Contact Helena at helena@helenakorner.com